Um, Well, How About I Start Blogging?

October 5, 2008

I established jonathaneunice.wordpress.com last year just to test some things in WordPress. I write so much already—in my day job (at Illuminata, where we help folks figure out information technology and related business issues), and in email, and on IM, and on Twitter (where I am @jonathaneunice), and on the discussion or comment pages of many other sites—that I didn’t really have the time, reason, or inclination to write my very own personal blog.

Nor do I have any illusions about how many folks will browse over here to visit my bloggish stylings, bon mots, personal rants, and other miscellanea. (On that note, Hi, Mom! Thanks for stopping by!)

But several issues have come up recently that don’t really fit into Illuminata’s editorial envelope, need more than 140 characters to explain, and generally just need their own little space to live. So while “getting a blog” seems very aught-two, it’s aught-eight, yet here we are. Enough for the preamble: Let’s go!


One comment

  1. Awesome! I just started blogging this year (I know, I know!) so I understand feeling ‘aught-two’. Can’t wait to read your blog posts. 😀

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