The Hobo on the Stairs

October 13, 2008

I just stepped over an actual, honest-to-goodness hobo on my way home from work. Well, an actual vagrant / homeless person, at any rate. I don’t think he was carrying a bindle.

He was sleeping on the stairs in Nashua’s High Street Parking Garage, apparently drunk. I wasn’t sure he was OK, so I woke him up: “Excuse me. You OK? Hey! Hey! Are you OK?” Him: “Mmmmmime OK. Ennnhhh. Tired.” Me: “OK then.” Except for having your drink fully on, and that lurid black eye, OK, then.

I considered calling the police, but he was sleeping within a few hundred yards of a homeless shelter. I assume he knew exactly where it is. A lot of shelters don’t admit the obviously drunk. And I figured the cops would just roust him out of the parking garage. There probably isn’t anyplace better for him to go. Not clear he’d be any better off wherever else he had to sleep. So there he remains, snoring away.


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