So Many Awesome People! I Never Knew!

October 16, 2008

One of the things I’ve learned via Twitter is to be less cynical about people. Yes, there are many, many, many toads and turds out there. I see them–and unfortunately, interact with them–every day. I also interact with good people every day. But the ratio sucks. Middlin’ to poor is the norm, with good, great, or awesome the happy exceptions.

Via Twitter, however, I have found large numbers of people who I greatly like, admire, and enjoy. They’re funny, smart, and delightful. People I’d like to know better, and to spend more time with. People that, via Twitter, I am actually getting to know better, and that I am spending more time with.

Many live in places that I really wouldn’t have expected. Boston, New York, Chicago, Austin, Portland OR, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, Paris, Barcelona–yeah, OK, I expected you to have a few great ones. But you have a lot.

My estimation for The Sticks has been especially enhanced. Take Richmond, Virginia for instance. Is that a place I’d expect to find a lot of truly awesome people? Uh, no. Call me elitist, parochial, or a flyover-bigot, but the honest truth is, I wouldn’t a’ thunk it. Yet RVA has turned out to be a hotbed of awesome folks. So much so it makes me want to actually visit the place. Wow. Have driven through it many times, and been happy to see it in the rearview mirror. Next time, I want to stop. Hell, next time, I’d go out of my way to stop there. Just. Wow.

RVA is not alone. Nor would I have given Nebraska, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Maine, Western Mass., nor a lot of other places much more than the time of day. And yet, there they are, beaming their funny, their smart, and their delightful interior lives out to the world. Even in places like Southern NH, the Bay Area, and Savannah GA that I know well, I’ve found new gems I would not have otherwise met. And people I already knew before Twitter? I generally know them better and like them more than I did before.

Call me sappy, but I’m grateful. You people are awesome!



  1. I’m not a native Richmonder. This awesome is pure So Cal. You are pretty rad, yourself. Glad we are friends.

  2. So very true!! I never thought that I would enjoy twitter as much as I do, and it’s remarkable how creative or expressive everyone can be with such few characters.

    Also, it’s amazing the response everyone gives when you’re going through a hard time or need someone to talk to. It really does eat away at my cynicism.

  3. @peeppeep: Nature or nurture, I don’t care. You’re an RVA girl in the now. 😉

  4. You are not alone in your gratitude or discoveries. Yet another reason Twitter trumps Facebook. It satisfies my voyeurism to see what old high school friends are up to, but I’m more excited to meet new people. Twitter seems to work better for that, no?

  5. I don’t actively dislike Facebook, but I don’t find myself using it very often or very enthusiastically, either. Twitter’s far and away the most productive “social network” for me, and the one on which I–as Holden says–actually meet new, interesting people and interact with them.

  6. […] Jonathan Eunice’s Weblog Cubbyhole for my ideas « Twenty Five Random Things Awesome Without Measure February 14, 2009 There’s a growing tradition on Twitter to designate Friday’s as #followerfriday and use it to nominate people that others should follow. I follow a lot of people. Too many for my own good, really. I love so very many. Truly, I had no idea there were so many people out there I would love so dearly. […]

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