Return of the Hobo

October 18, 2008

The hobo was back last night, in the same spot. So he didn’t die. He was indeed looking much better, and he seemed sober. He even had a bindle this time! Well, no stick, but a plastic grocery bag with some stuff in it. That counts, right?

I am starting to wonder if he’s going to make this his winter home. If so, I think I should make up a Harry Potter-ish address for him, should any of you wish to contact him:

The Hobo
Between the First and Second Floors
The North Stairs
High Street Parking Garage
Nashua, New Hampshire 03060
The United States of America



  1. I promise you it wasn’t me. Although the license plate of one of my cars is “BNDLSTF”

  2. I assure you, Gerry, you’re an entirely different and better class of hobo. It’s not *just* that you bathe regularly, but it starts there. It definitely starts there.

  3. There used to be a hobo that lived in the South-West cloverleaf of Route 2 and 495. You could see his fire at night. During the day he stood by Rt 2 with a suitcase. Then one day he was gone.

  4. There are definitely several that live in Mine Falls Park, 1/2 mile from here. Easy to stumble upon their encampment near the river if you (1) know where to look or (2) don’t know where to look and hike a little off the paths. New Hampshire winters have to present less than ideal conditions for outdoors living, though.

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