Grillmaster, Grill It! Grill It Fancy-like!

January 15, 2009

The odd but interesting @zolora was bored, and her brain cast out three seemingly random questions. I so enjoyed the recent #7things meme (tell us seven things about you that we don’t already know) that I agreed to answer these questions, too. This is two of three:

You have to make a 3 course dinner for 50 very important people. What do you make?

Something on a grill. The something isn’t as important as the grill. 50 VIPs? You want something they’ll remember. They’ve probably all had the fancy meals. Gotta give them something different, something memorable–and something that will reliably work. Go for the grill.

The most interesting meal I’ve had of this sort was made by Steven Raichlen. A multi-course meal for 100 or so guests, all grilled. Including dessert. All paired with wine. Not beer, no. Wine–the good stuff. Maybe it’s just breaking traditional expectations, but the grill really works as an upscale cooking device.

As for foodstuff, you can go simple. To start, maybe an asparagus and something appetizer. For the main course, just whatever: steak, pork, lamb, chicken, shrimp, scallops, salmon/swordfish/tuna–it’s all excellent. Match that with some grilled veggies: corn on the cob does really nicely, and roasted peppers are to die for. For desert, grilled pound cake, maybe with a dab of fruit sauce or caramel. (Bonus hint: Toasted pound cake is always divine.)

Been there, done that: This is a meal they’re not likely to have had before, and that they will be reminiscing and talking about for years to come.


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