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Awesome Without Measure

February 14, 2009

There’s a growing tradition on Twitter to designate Friday’s as #followerfriday and use it to nominate people that others should follow. I follow a lot of people. Too many for my own good, really. I love so very many. Truly, I had no idea there were so many people out there I would love so dearly.

Someday I hope to categorize them in a format reminiscent of this awesome chart. At the center of this chart would be a group I think of as “awesome without measure”–folks that just routinely, utterly rock my world. People that, beyond just being interesting, funny, witty, or well-spoken, that–without any exaggeration whatsoever–constantly restore my faith in humanity. The everyday, seemingly effortlessly awesome. Everyone’s different, and has different preferences. But here are the folks, from my vantage, that if you’re on Twitter and you do not follow, you just really ought to stop now and examine what in the fuck you are doing with your life?! Ladies and gentlemen, the Awesome Without Limitation, Qualification, or Earthly Measure:

People vying for admission to my top-top-tippy-top group–folks I almost never see an update from that isn’t accompanied by the thought “Wow! Him/her/it is Da Bomb!”:

Seriously, if you do not follow these people, why the fuck not?

While you’re at it, the following are also Completely Awesome and in the “read them first and always, even if I’m personally on fire” group, though they are already rightly famous: