Gonna Optimize My Personal Brand

March 3, 2009

Today’s the day! I’m gonna optimize the Hell out of my personal brand.

I’m gonna connect. Leverage social media. Operationalize my tactics. Control my message. Manage my reputation. Increase my impactfulness.  •  I’ll network. Reach out. Go viral. Excite influencers. Integrate across multiple channels and media. Listen. Learn. Be human. Engage.  •  I’ll go for my goals. Build buzz. Accelerate client acquisition. Attract and enthuse advocates. Foment fans. Convert touches into best-of-breed UX.  •  I’ll exploit interactivity. 1:1-ify. Empower and empathize. Form a fanbase. Mobilize my prospects. Capitalize on my clickstream.

I’m gonna externalize my intentions. Micro-target my outreach. Mainstream my thought leadership. Become the bellwether.  •  I’m gonna converge diversity. Initiate conversations. Engage the community. Collaborate in real-time.  •  I’ll deal with digital nomads. Facilitate folksonomies. Concentrate on content. Drive traffic. Penetrate my prospects. Engage my ecosystem. Generate demand. Pump my pipeline. Upgrade my upstream. Dialate my downstream. Aggregate my assets.

I will focus. Tackle TCO. Maximize ROI. Understand my landscape. Analyze my campaigns for pro-active benefits. Benchmark with state-of-the-art metrics. Study my cases. Walk my paces. Optimize my opportunities. Map for 360-degree perceptivity.  •  I’m going to upgrade my skillset. Sharpen my saw. Tune my tools.  •  I’ll tweetup with tweople after the twebinar. Twalk. Twink. Twuck. Twaddle.

I’ll tell stories creatively. Realize holistic relationships. Participate. Contribute. Personalize. Polish.  •  I will transformationalize my online presence. Strategize with savvy. Accentuate with acumen.  •  I’ll position for passion. Coordinate with Top People. Pimp my peers. Link with abandon. Ping with zing. Be eager and earnest.  •  I’m gonna increase awareness. Flog my blog. Shoot video for my vlog. Book my faces. Shim my sham. Share and care.  •  I’m gonna Launch. Excite. Mentor. Invite. Popularize. Reinforce.

I’m going to advance with attitude. Take it up a notch. Go to the next level. Play championship-caliber ball.  •  I’ll think outside the box. Push the envelope. Live the brand. Promote my possibilities.  •  Better than great, it’ll be spectacular. It’ll be fawesome. It’ll even be Knock. Dead. Gorgeous.

Today’s the day. Nothing will stand in my way.  •  Excuse me while I go optimize THE HELL out of my personal brand.




  1. This is going to be cool! I’m all pin-prickly with anticipation.

    And I have my wallet out.

  2. Hi, I believe I can help you optionalize the paradigm of lifeblogging by leveraging our thinkshifting micro-platform. We call it Twitter. See you there!

  3. I had no idea what a superb poet you were. This is brilliant. Also, terrifying.

  4. Fantastic–I’ve tagged facilitating folksonomies for use in everyday speech.

    Bravo to all the masturbatory euphemisms, by the way!

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